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Forge does offer several travel protection plans and coverage options. Due to the group nature of our trips, most deposits are non-refundable should an individual withdraw from the trip for any reason. Protection plans can help offset non-refundable monies should illness or life circumstances require cancelation prior to or during the trip.

Yes, in most scenarios. Please contact our office as soon as you complete registration so we can coordinate with you and the school administrators to make sure the options you require are available. Keep in mind, some trip locations and dining options may only offer limited selections.

The ideal group size for student travel can vary depending on the destination and the type of trip. Generally, 45-50 or more students with 1-2 chaperones for every ten students is recommended. However, we have planned and led trips with over 250 students, faculty, and chaperones. It is important to consider with motorcoach travel; the busses typically seat 50-55 passengers. Filling all the seats keeps the cost per passenger down as the total cost is the same whether you have 5 passengers aboard or 55. 

Our travel advisors can help you choose a destination that aligns with your educational goals for the trip, offer a rich cultural experience, and is safe and affordable for students. The cost of student group travel can vary depending on the destination, the length of the trip, and the type of accommodations, so the ideal price per passenger is most definitely a consideration. 

Yes, all Forge tour guides are believers and have been thoroughly background checked and vetted to ensure they align with our mission and vision. Unlike some tour operators that offer Christian tour content led by guides who may or may not be Christians, we believe the only way to truly disciple students is to be disciples of Jesus ourselves.

No. Our company and our team represent a diverse cross-section of denominations and church affiliations. Our doctrinal statement is reflective of the “Big C” Church. However, we do work with our schools to make sure the content presented aligns with their doctrinal statement unless it is in direct dissent with biblical truth.

All passengers should pack comfortable and appropriate clothing, toiletries, medications, travel documents, electronics, money and valuables, and comfort items. Here is a link to a blog where we provide some recommended items. 

Yes, you can always employ traditional fundraising ideas including car washes, bake sales, silent auctions, crowdfunding, community events, and donation boxes. However, we have assembled a list of additional creative fundraising ideas on our blog. Click here


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