Traveling the world provides a new perspective on a life-changing scale for young people. If you are a teacher or school administrator looking for enhanced educational opportunities for your students, Forge Christian Tour Co. has some dynamic options worth considering. 


While other tour companies provide field trips for students, Forge Christian Tour Co. believes in taking students on remarkable educational encounters to form impressions and memories that last a lifetime. 


Are you interested in taking your students abroad? Consider guided tours of Europe from the travel experts of Forge Christian Tour Co. 

Why Take Students to Europe? 

Regardless of where students travel, they will be able to determine their own opinions of the world. Across Europe, students will interact with cultures that have been around for ages and have impacted global society. Guided tours of Europe can be customized to meet the educational objectives of your students, whether they are high school– or middle school–aged students. 


Forge Christian Tour Co. takes students throughout the United Kingdom so they can experience a variety of cultures and historical sites. The United Kingdom refers to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Popular sites previous student groups have visited include: 


  • Titanic Belfast
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral 
  • Stonehenge 
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Edinburgh Castle 
  • London Tower
  • And many more

Why Partner With Forge Christian Tour Co.?

Study abroad opportunities for students absolutely must be planned and conducted with extreme attention to detail. Forge Christian Tour Co. works to create a custom itinerary for each group in order to meet the educational needs of each specific group. 


The travel advisors from Forge Christian Tour Co. handle all of the logistics necessary for a successful trip, such as: 


  • Travel accommodations 
  • Dining experiences 
  • Advanced safety measures 
  • Venue booking 
  • Experienced professional tour guides 


We recommend that you start planning educational studies abroad as early as possible. Usually, groups will start preparations between 1 and 2 years prior to the desired travel dates. This allows time for applying for passports, any necessary pre-trip changes, and better pricing. 

Spiritual and Personal Development 

Groups that participate in guided tours of Europe receive more than just educational experiences. Students, teachers, and administrators interact with the world from a biblical perspective and are able to develop their faith on a deeper, more meaningful level.


By providing students with a safe space for them to explore, they are able to see more of the Lord’s creation and have a better understanding of their faith and themselves. Allowing students to have such an opportunity will positively impact both their education and their capabilities as future leaders. 

Making an Impact With Guided Tours of Europe

Students deserve the chance to learn and experience as much as possible during the years of their education. Forge Christian Tour Co. is here to support you and your students through the entire process, from planning to implementing a fantastic experience. Have questions regarding your options for guided tours of Europe? Submit a contact form here for more information. 


If you are ready to get started with planning your school’s future study abroad, contact an advisor today to learn more.