Give your high school seniors an unforgettable experience that enhances the foundation of their faith before sending them off into the world. International and domestic travel gives young adults a broader perspective of society and encourages them to continue growing in their faith. 


Educational Christian tours for senior students are a creative and highly effective approach to learning and leave an impact on everyone involved. 

Where Should You Travel? 

Every group has different goals for their trip based on their budget and curriculum. Regardless of its size, every location holds value in how the culture and sites inspire students. 


Some locations work well with specific academic courses, such as Washington D.C., for eighth graders studying civics or high schoolers who come face to face with world history when they cross the pond over to the United Kingdom. 


Advisors from Forge Christian Tour Co. will collaborate with you to create a life-changing experience for any destination. 

How Does Travel Influence Faith?

When exploring God’s creation, people of all ages learn more about themselves and find fresh ways to reinforce their beliefs. Here’s how: 

Experience Divine Architecture 

As the designer of the universe, God created every detail with intention. Being able to see how everything has a purpose encourages self-reflection and the individual role we play. Students of any age tend to ask where they belong in the world, and showing them how God is reflected in places they’ve never been reminds them that their creator is at work wherever they go. 

Finding Inspiration 

Travel opens the door for groups to explore new places. Participants may see or interact with things or people that are unheard of in their hometown. This opportunity may show the travelers examples of what the Lord may be calling them to do with their lives. 

Stepping Outside of Routines 

When students travel, it is often with people outside of their normal social circle. Being able to meet new people and experience the unknown together — along with having a safe place to try new things — is essential for personal growth. 


The Lord calls believers to be set apart, and traveling and sharing his message is a part of it. Teens who have yet to know Christ may be inspired to ask more questions in a new environment. 

Why Invest in Christian Tours From Forge Christian Tour Co.? 

Having a partner with over 30 years of travel experience makes the process easier and more enjoyable. Your advisor handles all of the logistics of the trip, from travel accommodations and lodging to the sites groups visit. 


Your participants will have 24/7 support throughout the trip from start to finish. All of the travel guides have passed extensive background checks and share Christian values. Taking students around the world or across the country enhances academic performance and understanding of the gospel when you travel with Forge Christian Tour Co. 

Christian Tours for Seniors: From High School to the World 

When planning educational travel, we recommend starting the planning process at least 1 to 2 years before your desired travel dates. Make the most of every moment with your travels when you take the leap and create dynamic opportunities for life-changing growth.

Are you ready to make an impact on your students for a lifetime? Contact your travel advisor today.