Taking learning beyond the classroom creates unforgettable, life-transforming experiences for both students and educators. According to the Nebraska Department of Education, 87% of students who experience travel as a part of their studies make a decision to improve their future education.


People remember trips they took in school years later and share stories with their friends and family. These experiences can profoundly shape their view of the world and their place in it. You can help build these lasting memories through an engaging 8th-grade D.C. trip with Forge Christian Tour Co. 

Why Middle Schoolers? 

As students transition from middle school to high school, they form opinions that influence their long-term beliefs. Travel helps students build a firm foundation for their core values. Taking a journey to D.C. gives them the chance to see where important global decisions are made and how American values are embedded in the society in which they live, learn, and work.


Depending on your school’s curriculum, specific lessons and site interactions may be added, such as civics, U.S. history, and world history, all from a biblical perspective. 


Sending this age group on educational trips involves benefits such as: 

Developing Independence 

Being away from home may be scary for some kids; however, it allows them to interact with the world while forming their personal opinions and beliefs. 

Engaging Their Faith 

Everyone’s spiritual journey is different. Helping students see how faith has a role in the nation’s capital and its history can help them understand just how influential their beliefs can be in their lives.

New Friends

When students travel, they are constantly surrounded by other people. Having to step outside of their comfort zone may feel intimidating, but seeing their peers have those same feelings can be encouraging and lead to lifelong friendships. 

Exploring the Capital

Whenever traveling with children, it is essential to create a safe place for them to learn and ask questions. Some of the most popular places our experienced tour guides take students include:


  • Smithsonian museums 
  • Museum of the Bible 
  • Mount Vernon 
  • The White House 
  • The U.S. Capitol building 
  • World War I and II memorials 


Capitol Hill is a melting pot of cultures and belief systems. Some kids have less experience with diversity depending on a variety of factors. Providing a place of exposure in a safe and educational setting gives them a chance to encounter new ideas. 

Why Trust Forge Christian Tour Co.? 

After almost three decades of global travel, the team at Forge Christian Tour Co. has a history of creating excellent travel opportunities for school students. With every trip, our advisors plan all of the logistics necessary for a successful learning adventure. 


When you partner with our team, you receive support throughout the entire process before, during, and after. You can rest assured that when you have needs or questions, we provide solutions. 

Planning Ahead

If you plan to travel domestically or abroad with your school, the earlier you start, the better. We recommend preparing 1 to 2 years in advance of the desired travel dates. 

Building a Foundation with Your School’s 8th Grade D.C. Trip 

Forge Christian Tour Co. believes in providing life-changing trips for all participants, students, chaperones, and tour guides.

Are you ready to plan for your school’s next educational encounter? Connect with an advisor to learn more, and download our travel guide today.