Is your Christian school searching for travel opportunities for 2025? Now is the time to start planning! Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved in coordinating a trip and why it’s essential to start your plans as early as possible. 

Why Plan So Far in Advance?

When traveling either domestically or abroad, planning ahead is essential for getting everything your group needs for the trip. Making arrangements well in advance can provide the following benefits:

Decreased Cost

Booking travel accommodations further in advance can decrease the cost of your trip. Whether it’s for lodging, travel accommodations, venue bookings, or dining experiences, the closer to the desired travel date, the more expensive the cost. 

Flexibility for Changes

In case you need to make changes to your group’s trip due to a change in size or necessary accommodations and academic goals, planning the journey one to two years in advance can prevent delays or avoid unnecessary costs to your cross-country or overseas adventure. 

Academic Preparations

Forge Christian Tour Co. works to align student tours with your institution’s academic goals. If there are specific sites that need to be highlighted, your trip advisor will make sure it is incorporated appropriately in the itinerary. 

Spiritual and Academic Growth 

One of the best parts of exploring the world on Christian tours is the chance to learn more about the world from a biblical perspective. Bringing learning to life through visiting different historical and cultural sites can impact students’ ways of thinking.


Forge Christian Tour Co. strives to provide a safe learning environment for students to explore and interact with new cultures and see God’s creation. Providing students with the chance to learn academic concepts outside of the classroom can enhance the student’s learning experience and develop a new appreciation for the world around them.

Popular Christian Tours With Forge Christian Tour Co.

Middle school and high school students have benefited from tours throughout the country and across the ocean, including trips to: 



Forge Christian Tour Co. also offers custom trips for unlisted locations. If you have a specific location in mind for your school’s travel opportunities in 2025, connect with an advisor for assistance. 

Getting Started 

Once you are ready to start planning your educational Christian tour for 2025, the next step is reaching out to your Forge Christian Tour Co. advisor. They’ll walk you through your options depending on your group’s goals for the trip. Advisors create custom itineraries and handle all of the logistics for every group so they can have an excellent travel experience that caters to the group’s needs. 

Making an Impact Through Christian Tours

Get ahead on planning by partnering with Forge Christian Tour Co. Students with the opportunity to explore the world on Christian tours can learn academically, spiritually, and personally. We create custom tours for each group to help create unforgettable moments from the time student groups start their journey. 


Forge Christian Tour Co. provides high-quality travel opportunities for student groups without cutting corners at any point in the process. Give your young people the chance of a lifetime by exploring the world from a biblical perspective in 2025.


Have questions regarding potential travel opportunities through Christian Tour Co.? Contact an advisor today.