America was founded on liberty, courage, and the pursuit of a more perfect union. It’s an incredible legacy that students should learn about both inside and outside the classroom. Going beyond the textbook can bring history alive for students, giving them a chance to explore history on a personal level.


Learning about their nation’s history through a Christian lens can inspire their faith journeys and the essential role they play in America today. Discover some fantastic places students can visit on a guided American history tour and how partnering with a like-minded organization can help them get more than a history lesson from their next trip. 

How American History Tours Benefit Students

Reading about the people, places, and events that build America can be exciting. However, standing where history happened brings it off the page and makes it real. American history tours are an immersive experience, allowing students to walk in the footsteps of historical figures and witness where pivotal moments in our nation’s history happened. 


These experiences help students forge a stronger connection to the past. They can also give students a deeper understanding of the beliefs and values that shaped the United States. History tours can help students appreciate the role their faith played in shaping the United States and the role it will continue to play in the future.

Three Great Locations for Your Guided American History Tour

There are many excellent historical locations in the United States to explore. However, there are three must-visit places for students who want to learn more about the foundations of American history while fostering a deeper understanding of their Christian faith.


Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States and offers many historical sites perfect for school trips. Students can stand on the steps of Independence Hall, where the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They’ll learn about how Christian principles helped form the building blocks of our nation today as they visit the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, the Constitution Center, and more.

Washington, D.C. 

The nation’s capital is packed with sites of historical and religious significance. Students can visit the awe-inspiring National Cathedral and pray for our nation’s leaders. Then, they can visit Arlington National Cemetery and experience the profound impact of man’s sacrifice for freedom. Students can also explore the Museum of the Bible, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Ford’s Theatre, the White House, and more. 


Boston is a must-visit for students learning about America’s revolutionary past. Visit the Freedom Trail and retrace the steps of the men who fought against the English to ensure our nation could be free. Explore historical sites like the Paul Revere House, Boston Party Tea Ships, Plymouth, and Sturbridge Village to experience how faith drove historical figures to fight for the nation’s independence.

Why Students Need a Faith-Focused Travel Plan

Traditional American history tours can provide insight into the events that shaped our nation, but they often neglect to examine Christianity’s role in that journey. Christian historical tours add a layer of insight to history by examining how Christian beliefs impacted American history and the men and women who built this country. With a faith-based tour, students can connect the past with their present and consider how their faith can influence the world around them.

Plan a Christian-Focused American History Tour for Your Students

Forge Tours offers Christian schools a unique opportunity to explore America’s historical landmarks while diving deep into how faith shaped our nation. Students will better understand the country they call home while also better appreciating the role that faith plays in it. 

Contact Forge Tours today, and let us help you create an unforgettable faith-based adventure for your students.