As a school administrator, you want the best for your students regarding their overall academic, social-emotional, and spiritual development. Exploring the world through educational trips can be life changing, especially through faith-based travel. 


Forge Christian Tour Co. brings education to life with experiences that enhance learning, promote better cultural understanding, and increase self-confidence. Whether you want to travel across the United States or head abroad, Forge Christian Tour Co. adds a faith-centered dynamic that cements knowledge for a lifetime in middle school and high school students.

The Logistics of Student Travel 

While there are tons of educational travel agencies, Forge Christian Tour Co. is one of the select few that are faith-based. We understand the components that can impact the effectiveness of student faith-based travel, and our advisors walk you through the process step by step so you can create a truly transformative experience.


Some of the logistics we handle for each trip include:


  • A custom itinerary aligned with your group’s academic goals and values
  • Transportation both domestically and abroad
  • Lodging and dining experiences
  • Educational encounters at the desired location

Support Through Every Stage of Travel

Our guiding philosophy is that students deserve the best faith-based travel experience regardless of their group’s size or chosen location. Here is how we can partner with you before, during, and after your trip:

Pre-Trip Preparation 

During this step of the process, we work with students and parents through informational meetings that cover travel protection, fundraising, and payment plans. We’ll let everyone in your group know what’s needed as they prepare for their trip, including the latest updated information about travel safety, passports, and more.

On-Trip Support 

When you partner with Forge Christian Tour Co., your group will have access to 24/7 support both on the ground and in the office in case you need logistics assistance. Safety is the number-one priority during every trip. Each group is guided by an experienced tour guide who has gone through an extensive background check and shares our Christian values. 

Post-Trip Debrief 

Once the trip has concluded, we will meet with both your administration and faculty to discuss the trip. This allows the team to understand what things went well and what areas could change or be improved. We want any feedback so we can continue to enhance our services for future travelers. 

When Should You Start Planning?

One of the most frequent questions we receive is when a school should start planning their faith-based travel experiences. We recommend that you start planning 1 to 2 years prior to the desired dates of travel. 


The earlier you start planning, the easier it is to accommodate necessary changes, decrease travel costs, and increase the chances of availability for desired attractions. 

Forge Christian Tour Co.: Your Faith-Based Travel Experts

If you are considering taking your students on an educational trip, Forge Christian Tour Co. can help you ensure you meet your travel, educational, and spiritual development. We can accommodate numerous location options and can customize your plans to fulfill your vision. Our advisors are committed to helping you create a trip that will positively impact your students’ academics and their faith.


Ready to start planning? Connect with an advisor today.