Incorporating travel into young students’ education can transform their perspective of the world and help them become well-rounded, globally-minded leaders. American Christian tours through Forge Christian Tour Co. are life-altering experiences for both students and educators. Planning your school’s future trips has become much easier, and here’s how. 

Effective Tour Planning 

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to assist you in planning an educational trip that is both meaningful and enriching, you can rely on our team’s extensive expertise in organizing tours. We can work closely with you to create a customized itinerary that aligns with your group’s values and educational goals. 


We take care of everything for you, from arranging transportation and accommodations to booking venues, organizing dining experiences, and providing knowledgeable tour guides. Our team strives to create a smooth and secure environment, allowing participants to develop a profound appreciation for faith and forge enduring memories that will influence their lives in the future.

Who Have We Helped With Planning?

We have planned and led a long list of educational tours for middle and high school students. Groups ranging from 25 to 250 participants have enjoyed the experiences of Forge Christian Tour Co. The types of schools we have successfully planned educational tours for include: 

Private Christian Schools 

At Forge Christian Tour Co., we collaborate with administrators and faculty from ACSI-, CSI-, NAPS-, NAPCIS-, or AACS-accredited schools. Together, we create customized itineraries that precisely reflect grade-level or subject curriculum guidelines.

Homeschool Co-Ops 

Our itineraries are designed to enhance the learning experience for students using Classical Conversations, Abeka, and other national and independent co-op homeschool curricula. We offer a range of experiential learning opportunities to complement each curriculum accordingly. 

University-Model Schools

Our advisors have the expertise to organize meaningful experiences for middle and high school programs of AUMS, working closely with parents and teachers.

When to Plan 

If you are a school educator or administrator who is looking to plan an educational tour, the earlier you start, the better. In most cases, we start the planning process between 1 to 2 years prior to the actual trip in order to create a timeline and secure dates properly. Our advisors will gladly walk you through all of your options in greater detail, whether you are looking for international or American Christian tours. 

American Christian Tours Through Forge Christian Tour Co. 

Providing excellent education with a Christ-focused narrative is our specialty. Regardless of the location, our team of experts is prepared to show students the world around them through a biblical lens that is both impactful and unforgettable.


With each trip being custom-tailored to your group’s specific needs, you can rest assured it will be worth the investment. American Christian tours through Forge Christian Tour Co. are more than just a field trip; they are an opportunity to bring learning to life. 

Contact an advisor today to plan your group’s future educational tours, or you can learn more about all of our tour offerings and planning process on our FAQ page here.