On average, people who experience educational travel as students tend to make 10% to 12% more money over the course of their careers. In addition to having an edge in their choices of colleges and careers, students who travel have a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. 


Learn why student travel with Forge Christian Tour Co. creates a memorable experience for students in middle or high school and groups of all sizes. 

What Makes Travel Worth It for Students?

When senioritis hits, it can be challenging to hold students’ attention during those final months of their time in high school. Travel provides students with a new perspective on what they’re learning as well as fresh ways to engage with new concepts. Here’s how:

Interacting With History 

Rather than reading about events in a history book alone, bringing students face to face with actual historic locations increases the memorability and impact of the material. 


High school seniors spend a lot of time wondering what the next steps in their lives will look like. Taking them outside of their regular day-to-day lives and into a new culture may give them the inspiration they need to make better choices about their future. Travel often forces students to consider some of life’s big questions about school, life, work, and themselves. 

Walk With Christ 

Everyone’s faith development is important, especially at younger ages, and students are in a place in their lives when building foundations in their beliefs is critical for their future growth. When your student group travels with Forge Christian Tour Co., every tour guide shares your biblical beliefs and is there to ensure an atmosphere where teens can deepen their spiritual lives. 

Why Trust Forge Christian Tour Co.? 

The team at Forge Christian Tour Co. has decades of experience providing educational experiences for students across the nation. Your advisor works with you to plan every single detail of the trip and handles all of the necessary logistics, including: 


  • Travel accommodations 
  • Vendors 
  • Custom itineraries 

Where Do Student Groups Travel? 

Forge Christian Tour Co. offers a variety of destinations, such as: 

New York City

Students explore the cultural capital of the world and have the opportunity to see Broadway and Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and more. 

Washington D.C. 

Take your group to the nation’s capital, where decisions that impact the globe are made every single day. Students have the option to see the Smithsonian, the White House, and the Capitol building. 

The United Kingdom 

Give students a taste of world history across the pond by showing them the London Tower, Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. 

Custom Trips 

Forge Christian Tour Co. creates custom trips for groups looking for different destinations that better align with their curriculum and goals. 

When Should Group Leaders Start Planning?

When planning senior Christian travel for high schoolers, it is essential to start the process as soon as possible. To guarantee the best prices and locations and prepare for possible changes, having a two-year preparation period is recommended. 

Give Students the Best Senior Christian Travel Opportunities 

Forge Christian Tour Co. works to ensure you and your students have the best experience that helps them grow academically and spiritually. 


If you are ready to take the next step in your school’s educational travel, contact one of our advisors to learn more.