Travel can be a transformative experience for people of all ages. The growth can be even more impactful when young people journey with their peers. If you’re a teacher or administrator looking to organize an unforgettable trip for your Christian school students, the best way to give them this incredible opportunity is with a faith-based educational tour. 


Learn more about the benefits of traveling with Christian travel groups and some exciting possibilities for your next trip. 

Benefits of Traveling in Faith-Based Groups

Christian travel groups are an excellent option for students and schools. These expeditions offer a unique blend of exploration, education, and spiritual growth that goes far beyond the usual travel tour. With a Christian tour group, your students can experience valuable benefits such as: 

Shared Values

Traveling with a group that shares your faith creates a sense of security and comfort, even in unfamiliar surroundings. Students can openly discuss their beliefs, ask questions freely, and be surrounded by positive influences. Everyone can support each other on the trip. Being surrounded by like-minded Christians can help students feel more confident about speaking about and living out their faith. 

Spiritual Growth

Faith-based tours are a unique opportunity to connect your faith with the world in a powerful new way. Visiting historical landmarks and places of worship allows students to see both history and their beliefs come to life. They gain a deeper appreciation of their Christian heritage and the Bible’s role in shaping their world. Christian travel groups can incorporate prayer time, faith-based discussions, and service projects to enrich that spiritual experience. 

Building Community

If you’ve ever traveled with someone, you understand how shared experiences on the road create strong bonds and lasting friendships. That’s true for Christian travel groups, too. When students and educators share experiences, overcome challenges, and discover something new together, it creates genuine feelings of community. These experiences can strengthen existing relationships and build new connections that last a lifetime. 

Types of Tours Available for Christian Students and Schools

There are so many places you can visit to ignite the hearts and minds of your Christian students. Here are some incredible destinations perfect for students that blend historical exploration and faith-based experiences: 


  • Washington, D.C. — Explore iconic monuments that stand in honor of U.S. history and democracy.
  • Boston — Follow in the footsteps of American Revolutionaries and learn about the faith that fueled the fight for independence. 
  • Philadelphia — Dive into the history of American democracy and learn how its systems are built on principles of faith. 
  • New York City — Reflect on faith, unity, reliance, and American culture in the city that never sleeps. 
  • United Kingdom — Explore ancient historic sites and witness the enduring legacy of faith across the pond. 


Dreaming of a different location? Forge Christian Tour Co. can craft a custom tour itinerary that aligns with your specific curriculum, themes, and dream destination. 

Trust Forge: The Only Christian Travel Group You Need

Imagine the impact on your students as they explore historic landmarks, engage in meaningful discussions on faith, and build lasting friendships with their peers. Forge Christian Tour Co. makes this happen for Christian schools and student groups. 


We’re experts at curating experiences that ignite curiosity, deepen faith, and create a sense of Christian community. When you are ready to start a life-changing adventure, contact Forge. We’re the Christian travel group that will work with you to create an itinerary that aligns with your educational and spiritual goals.