For many students, history can be hard to grasp within the walls of the classroom. Take students’ education to the next level through in-person encounters that form memories — and knowledge and insights — that last a lifetime. 


Educational encounters bring learning to life and enhance student understanding. Forge Christian Tours can transform the learning experience for your students through a well-thought-out, hands-on adventure such as our Washington D.C. trip for 8th graders. 

Why Washington D.C.?

When searching for the right trip for your students, choosing a location that resonates with them is always a priority. As eighth-grade students learn about the components and functions of the U.S. government, an educational trip will give students a new perspective of the material — as well as their own essential role in civics. 


Washington D.C. is the most popular destination for students who have an interest in American history, civics, and the fundamental faith principles that our nation was built upon. The city boasts many iconic and historic buildings and memorials, all conveniently accessible to large groups of people. Additionally, there are a multitude of historic churches and religious landmarks that offer a captivating glimpse into the rich Christian influence of our nation. 

Places Students Will Visit 

If you’re planning to participate in our Washington D.C. trip (8th grade), you need to know that our highly experienced guides are prepared to take students safely across the city to unforgettable destinations such as Mount Vernon, the grand estate and final resting place of George Washington, or Monticello, the Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson. 


Besides the timeless attractions like the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and other monuments, the Smithsonian museums are brimming with thrilling displays and captivating exhibits that breathe life into history. The best part? Admission is free!

Why 8th Graders? 

While students are learning about civics and U.S. history in the classroom, Forge Christian Tours takes that learning to the next level. Middle schoolers are also able to develop other skills on their journey, including: 

Teamwork and Social Skills 

Students traveling together will find themselves in a new environment and different social situations. Depending on any work that needs to be completed during their trip, it is an ideal environment for developing teamwork. Students learn from both the sites and each other. 

Independent Learning 

Educational encounters allow students to experience a healthy form of independence. While traveling, students are encouraged to ask questions about the sites and the history associated with them. This gives students the opportunity to inquire about subjects that pique their personal interests. 

Cultural Awareness 

The world is full of people who come from different backgrounds and beliefs. Our Washington D.C. trip (8th grade) provides a safe environment for students to learn more about the world around them from a Christian perspective. 

Spiritual Development 

Give your students the chance to grow more in their faith through educational travel. Students can see how belief in Christ has influenced the founding of the nation and historical events throughout the years. Students will be mentored and able to ask questions regarding both their education and their faith. 

Forge Christian Tours: Making a Difference in Education 

Trips hosted by Forge Christian Tours are more than a fun field trip for students. They’re an excellent learning opportunity with a biblical worldview. Partnering with us means your students will have both a safe learning environment and an experience of a lifetime. 


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