Boston is an exciting destination for Christian school students. They can participate in interactive tours, visit inspirational historical landmarks, and retrace the steps of figures who stood by the principles of their faith to fight for America’s freedom. 


Group trips to Boston can bring history to life while inspiring the next generation of faithful leaders. Learn more about group trips to this iconic American city and how Christian school students can get more out of their Boston tour. 

Why Christian School Students Should Visit Boston 

Boston is more than a historic city — it’s a place where faith and freedom played a pivotal role in America’s earliest days. Christian school students can walk in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers, going on exciting tours and visiting interactive museums to bring that history to life. They’ll learn about the heroic individuals who led the fight for America’s freedom, connecting the past with their present in a way that shines new light on their own civil and spiritual values. 


During a group trip to Boston, students learn more about the role Christian faith played in Boston’s history. They gain a new understanding of what motivated past generations to fight in the American Revolution and how they can bring those values into their faith journey.  

5 Might-See Sites for Group Trips to Boston

If you want to plan a group trip to Boston, here are five must-see sights you’ll want to include in your itinerary. 

1. The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile path through the heart of Boston. Along the way, students will visit 16 historically significant sites, including: 


  • Old South Meeting House, where colonists met to discuss their resistance against unfair British taxation
  • King’s Chapel & Burying Ground, the final resting place for many famous figures from early American history and the location of the oldest American pulpit still in use today
  • Paul Revere House, built in 1680 and owned by the legendary patriot, will teach students the true story of Revere’s midnight ride

2. Boston Tea Party Ships

This interactive museum brings the story of the Boston Tea Party to life. Students will learn about the colonists’ rebellion against taxation without representation and discover how the passion for fairness and justice was rooted in biblical values. 

3. Sturbridge Village

This living history museum allows students to step back in time and experience life in New England during the 1830s. Interact with costumed guides as they demonstrate crafts and tell the stories of their lives during this incredible time period. Students will see how early Americans put faith at the heart of their communities. 

4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Boston’s busy market is also the home of free speech. During its 270-year history, it hosted the first town meeting, protests against the Stamp Act, and gatherings of the Redcoats. Students will have a chance to explore the market while learning about how freedom of speech helped to shape the nation. 

5. Old North Church

Also known as Christ Church, this historic church played a vital role in the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Students will learn about the significance of the two lanterns hung in the belfry and how they became a symbol of the American Revolution. 

We Can Help You Plan Your Group Trip to Boston

From retracing the steps of revolutionaries to gaining a deeper understanding of their faith, Boston is a fantastic destination for Christian school students

If you want your students to have experiences like these, contact the Forge Christian Tours Co. team. We build custom itineraries for group trips to Boston that meet your educational goals and align with your Christian faith. Let’s start planning your Boston adventure today.